Lengarica’s Canyon

A Beautiful Treasure Hiding by the Hot Springs of Benja

While most tourists are already familiar with the wonderful thermal baths of Benjë, located in the Hotovo Fir-Tree Park, most do not know of the Lengarica Canyon, a beautiful surprise within the park that should absolutely be visited. The Lengarica Canyon, which stretches across 4-5 km, with a height of up to 150 meters, provides a spectacular journey among ancient rock formations and the Lengarica River which beautifully flows through them. It is precisely this river that creates the famous thermal waters with countless curative properties.

The journey begins at the 18th century Ottoman bridge, also known as the “Bridge of Katiu”, and continues along the river, leading all the way to the slopes of the canyon, where cliffs, naturally carved throughout the years, stand divided yet still very close to one another, as if they want to join.  These and more spectacular sights can be enjoyed while hiking along the canyon and swimming across its small water basins for a journey that can last for up to 5-6 hours.

Along the canyon, you will be able to see several caves, the Cave of Pigeons being the most impressive one at 160 meters long and up to 3 meters high. However, it is not only its remarkable appearance that makes this particular cave stand out. This cave actually holds significant archeological and anthropological value, as over 4000-years-old human remains were found there, belonging to the Neolithic period.

As you may already imagine, the values of visiting this wonderful place are many! The river that accompanies you along your journey, the beautiful sights which transport to you to another world and the revitalizing fresh air and thermal waters create an overall beneficial experience that is not to be missed.

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