Morava Mountain

Beautiful Nature and Fresh Honey

While in Korça, we suggest that you leave behind its wonderful serenades, famous pies, cobbled alleys and the Old Bazaar for a moment, and head toward the East, where you will find the mountain of Morava. With a height of 2042 meters (the Peak of Badarosh), this mountain of rare natural beauty and wonderfully fresh climate, is worth experiencing, so make sure to include it in your travel itinerary!

Morava is a place of cultural heritage and tradition, as well. Morava’s symbol is a big white cross, located at the edge of a cliff, which serves as a guide for believers and a landmark for mountain climbers. Near the Cross, you’ll find the Church of St. Elias with its breathtaking view of the horizon, from where you can gaze below into the city of Korça. (For the map click here)

In addition to its spiritual draw, the mountain’s beautiful nature has made it a popular destination throughout the year. This place is like no other when it comes to relaxing picnics and other recreational outdoor activities. However, Morava is a favorite destination for more adventurous sports, as well! During the winter season, countless alpinists climb the snow-covered Rrugnaja Peak while other adventurers paraglide throughout all seasons, with the help of professionals.

When Albanians think of Morava, their minds spontaneously turn to its famously delicious honey! Thus, a visit to Morava includes an obligatory stop at the charming bee farm, located at the foot of the mountain. Open to all visitors, here they can experience firsthand the stages of the honey-making process as told by the most famous honey-makers in the land.

Last but not least, if you decide to devote your day to explore the nature around Korça, you may also want to visit the Fir of Drenova National Park, famous for its countless water springs, lovely meadows, and fascinating rock formations.

How to get there: Follow the “Çlirimi i Korçës” Road until you reach the Church of St. Elias.

    Follow the “Çlirimi i Korçës” Road Get Directions

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