Viroi Lake

Diving or Relaxing in the Beautiful Park

Entering the exquisite Viroi Park, with its lush and dense vegetation, the calm surface of its lake, and its natural landscapes shimmering under the constant southern Albanian sun, feels like walking inside a Monet painting. This hidden paradise is located only three kilometers from Gjirokastra and is conveniently connected to the city via a long promenade. Many locals choose to take a walk or bike on this promenade, on their way to a picnic amidst the beautiful surrounding nature. There are several cafes and restaurants along the lake, as well, where you can enjoy a nice lunch or refreshment while admiring the nature of this area.

The 60-foot depth of the Mother’s Spring, which supplies the Viroi Lake, has inspired many legends which tell of the spring’s underwater connections to other caves, canals, and other springs.Albanian and foreign divers regularly explore the mysterious waters of Viroi, eager to confirm the legends surrounding them and curious to experience their underwater magic firsthand. For a detailed and spectacular dive into the cave of Viroi, please click here.

The funnel-shaped water source supplies the lake year-round with a substantial amount of water. It is precisely this constant water supply that has enabled the creation of a vibrant flora and fauna underneath. The transparency and clarity of the water allows the visitor to enjoy this scenery without having to dive into the waters, at all. However, please note that, during excessively hot summers, the lake level lowers and, in some rare cases, the lake is known to dry up.

The journey to the Viroi Park offers great experiences from its very start! If you are driving through the Tepelena-Gjirokastra motorway, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of Lake Viroi, surrounded by the lush forests on one side, and of the Vjosa River on the other side. Here, you make choose to stop your car, inhale the fresh air and feast your eyes on what’s to come!

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