Culinary Traditions


From north to south, traditional Albanian cuisine is as much a reflection of the country’s history and geography as it is of its cultural heritage. Nestled between mountains and seas, Albania’s tradition of gastronomy includes dishes that are rich in meats and spices, deliciously flaky sweet and savory pies, fresh seafood and wonderful dairy products from local farms. Nature has blessed Albania with a climate where olive and citrus trees grow abundantly and where the tradition of processing olive oil and honey is still going strong. Albania’s tradition of wonderful breads is worth noting here as, for all Albanians, bukë, the Albanian word for “bread,” is synonymous with “meal.” The country’s culinary tradition goes back hundreds of years, with recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation to arrive newly prepared for the 21st century. Countless restaurants in Albania faithfully serve this rich legacy in their deliciously unique dishes.

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