Four Photographers Focus their Lens on Albania’s Wild Beauties

In addition to sharing the region’s natural spectacles, the rise in Albanian wildlife photography has given this valuable part of the country’s landscape and ecosystem the necessary focus.

Deer in Dumnica, Kosovo. Photo source: Arian Mavriqi

Rise of wildlife photography in the region

The group of four Albanian photographers, that makes up the non-profit organization Wildlife Albanian Photographers, is responsible for a major part of the increase in the country’s wildlife documentation. The high photographic standards combined with a devotion to the preservation of the fauna of both Albania and Kosovo has, thus far, ensured a level of sustainability in WAP’s significant initiative. The organization’s headquarters are located in Kosovo. The four founding members, all professional photographers, however, are constantly looking for other enthusiastic professionals that can contribute to the cause. The photographs should, of course, be of wildlife in the entire Albanian-speaking region.

Squirrel in Kosovo. Photo source: Granit Hyseni

Top Wildlife Photography Locations

One of the most popular destination for this type of photography is Divjaka-Karavasta National Park. With 51,000 kinds of birds, this park hosts an astounding rich variety which begs to be documented and shared with the world. Not too far behind is Shkodra Lake, also well-known among birdwatching enthusiasts. Among its 270 different species, you can meet more than 80% of the kinds of birds that populate the Albanian landscape. Among the latter, some of the most popular are seagulls, pelicans, storks, and eagles. 

Flamingo in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park. Photo source: Granit Hyseni
Dalmatian Pelican, Shkodra Lake. Photo source: Jetmir Troshani

Value of Wildlife Photography for Albania

In addition to their aesthetic value, these high-quality images of animals and birds in their natural habitats, serve to advance scientific research in this field. A platform that furthers the sharing of wildlife photography, has proven crucial in the continuation of the photographers’ passionate work, which provides both beauty and knowledge. This photographic genre introduces the public with the beauty that surrounds them, which still remains largely unknown to them.

European Bee-eater, in Kamenica Kosovo. Photo source: Besnik Jakupi
Bajza, Shkodra Lake. Photo source: Jetmir Troshani

Wildlife photography also offers a magical element, between the real and surreal, the technical and artistic. In more ways than one, the public is presented with images that are unperceivable by the human eye and is, thus, allowed to enter another realm, previously inaccessible to the Albanian public. 

Owl. Photo source: Arian Mavriqi
Woodpecker. Photo source: Besnik Jakupi

More on Wildlife Albanian Photographers

Wildlife Albanian Photographers was founded by four talented and entrepreneurial young men: Granit Hyseni, Arian Mavriqi, Besnik Jakupi, all from Kosovo, and Jetmir Troshani from Shkodra in Albania. Their devotion, dedication and love of nature have resulted, fortunately for us, in a wonderful collection of photographs, masterfully documenting the country’s rich fauna. As often happens with projects inspired by love, this one has drawn many other photographers to it, the kindred spirits who are passionate about art, nature, science, and adventure and “capturing” it all in an everlasting image.

By: IntoAlbania

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